TV Producer/Director, Photographer and Writer

Bella has done fantastic work on several productions at Windfall. Creative, tenacious, and an outstanding writer – she makes excellent films that fully reflect the hard work and dedication she puts into them.


I’m a Specialist Factual Producer, Director, and Edit Producer with 16 years’ experience making shows for national and international broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4 and Discovery.

I’m also an award-winning Photographer and Travel Writer. Skills required to successfully achieve all this include:

  • Being phenomenally organised and efficient, with a natural ability to keep dozens of plates spinning at once.
  • Being an excellent communicator, able to herd cats, build great relationships with contributors, and tell their stories creatively and engagingly.
  • Having an artistic eye, boundless energy, superhuman strength, and almost compulsive get-up-and-go.
  • Having a great instinct for an angle, character or story. Being able to spot and develop all three; knowing when to guide events and when to shut up and let the moment develop by itself.
  • In the edit: being able to manage reams of material; sort and organise it; write clear, interesting, entertaining scripts; and build great working relationships with editors.

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